JHOVE Use Case Survey
We want to help make JHOVE easier to understand and use, particularly for first time users. One great way to help here is to describe real-world examples of how JHOVE is currently used.

Doing so will provide useful insight into how JHOVE is currently being used, and help inform future enhancements. We're also on the look out for publishable examples, but we'll contact you to discuss this first.

So, if you're a JHOVE user, please contribute your approaches below, providing as much detail as possible.

Which version of JHOVE are you using? Where does it fit in your workflow? What type of collection were you working with? Please give as much information as possible. *
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Which JHOVE validation results are important to you? *
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Does the JHOVE output inform / affect further automated processing? Do you save some or all of the information reported by JHOVE? If so, how do you store it? e.g. RDBMS, NOSQL store, flat files, etc. *
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What steps do you take when JHOVE reports that a file isn't valid or well-formed? Do you find JHOVE's reporting of problems informative and helpful? We'll use your answers as we work on support resources for JHOVE and JHOVE errors. *
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Please provide your name and email so that we can contact you if we require any further information about your answers.
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