Form H: Chapter Administrative Inventory Report
Please prepare this report at the beginning of the fiscal year. The chapter president is requested to check “YES” or “NO” for each item and to supply any additional information.
If the answer is “NO” to any question, please give the date by which your chapter will receive that item.
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1. Our Chapter President has a copy of the Association Handbook. *
2. Our Chapter has written by-laws. *
3. Our Chapter By-Laws are on file with the Chair of the National Constitution and By-Laws Committee *
4. Our Chapter files the IRS required midyear financial reports with the National Treasurer according to the following schedule: Due January 15 for July 1–December 31, and July 15 for January 1–June 30. *
5. Our Chapter files its annual financial report with the National Treasurer and the Internal Revenue Service no later than November 15. *
6. Our Chapter has paid its annual assessment due July 1 each year. *
7. Our Chapter (not individuals) sends its donations to the College through NAASC. *
8. Our Chapter is fully compliant with all requirements set forth in the Certificate of Compliance. *
9. Our Chapter maintains a regular, published meeting schedule as outlined in the By-Laws. *
Please list schedule and location *
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10. Our Chapter maintains a permanent, regularly-updated email and phone roster of all known alumnae in our area, and informs all area alumnae of our full meeting schedule. *
11. Our Chapter has a named membership chairperson. That person organizes and conducts an annual membership drive both locally and nationally by contacting all known alumnae in the area. *
12. Our Chapter has a named recruitment liaison with the college. *
13. Following each election, our Chapter prepares a complete list of all officers, members, and recruitment chairpersons. The list contains names, titles, email addresses, phone numbers, and the month and year when each person’s terms of office will end. *
14. Our Chapter has submitted the list of Chapter Officers to the Director of Alumnae Affairs. *
15. Our Chapter has a newsletter. *
16. If yes, what is the newsletter publication schedule?
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17. Our Chapter files all minutes, reports, and correspondence, through our Regional Coordinator. *
18. Our Chapter recognizes local alumnae for achievements and/or outstanding public service. *
19. Our Chapter fully participates in its Regional Meetings. *
20. The geographic jurisdiction of our Chapter is included within the zip code range(s), cities, counties, etc. *
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Please return this form by JULY 1.
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