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Thank you for your interest in working at Coppercoast. We are a small but multidisciplinary brand agency covering a wide range of branding related services. We have a low turnover of designers so are not often in a position to take on new staff.

As our clients expect us to make them shine out from the noise, we are always on the lookout for exceptional designers (full time or freelance) that are able complement our offering! Similarly (especially as a designer) we would expect your credentials and Portfolio to make you stand out from the rest.

We primarily hire graphic designers that have been through a reputable design school with a portfolio that supports your level of experience. You will need to have at least a B-Tech Diploma in Graphic Design, but preferably a B-Tech or BA Degree in Graphic Design. This provides us with the confidence that you understand how to approach and solve problems but ultimately your portfolio will need to demonstrate this.

With the exception of client service, our agency structure does NOT make provision for any other typical office support roles found in ad agencies such as traffic, ops, IT, finance, HR, receptionists etc. Should a position like this become available it will be advertised on our site or social media channels directly. Rather follow or like us on social media to get updates on this (please do not submit application for these positions).

Some indicators that you may NOT be a good fit are:
- although you are applying for a design position, your portfolio or CV uses Word templates;
- your portfolio, CV or general communications with us are riddled with uncorrected spelling or grammar errors;
- your portfolio does not speak to your level of experience or position being applied for; and
- the references you have are your parents :)

We will unfortunately not be be able to reply to all applications but all applications do go on our database from which we use to filter for the positions required. Applications older than 8 months will be assumed to go stale so please feel free to refresh your application with any new or impressive work!

If you have specific or niche skills that we could draw on for specific projects, please rather complete a supplier application form as a freelancer. Examples of this include voice artists, animators, copywriters, makeup artists, Video or photography etc.

** Please note that we do not use the information you provide for anything other than as a source from which to grow our team. If you would like to get communications or updates, rather follow us on our various social media channels.
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Any full time positions that become available will be based at our design studio is in Bryanston, JHB. There are exceptions for specific skills required on a project or part time basis.
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