Schools Together Group conference - proposal for workshop (deadline 29 Apr)
Please complete this form by 29th April if you would like to lead a 45 minute workshop at the conference at Highgate School, London on Friday 7th June 2019. Please ensure you are available all day.

We particularly favour workshops led by pairs across sectors. Please complete one form per workshop proposed, even if there are co-leaders.

Workshops should focus on the practicalities of running a partnership, with tips for success, and should if possible address:
- Mutuality - how does the partnership benefit both schools involved?
- Sustainability - what steps have you taken to ensure that the partnership will endure beyond initial enthusiasm or withstand changes of personnel?
- Impact evaluation - how do you (will you) know if your partnership if making a difference?

We will finalise the programme and notify workshop leaders by 8th May.

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