Klinikk Hausken Fertility Journey 2017
Klinikk Hausken's Fertility Journey – What's on offer

Klinikk Hausken are really excited to once again join the Fertility Journey. Our team is ready to help the chosen couple on their road to parenthood through the use of IVF treatment. Medical Director Dr Jon Hausken and his dedicated team will guide the selected couple throughout their treatment cycle.

The clinic will cover all costs in connection with the IVF treatment as well as all travel expenses and accommodation. If donor sperm is needed Klinikk Hausken will also cover these expenses. In the event of surplus embryos, the clinic will cryo preserve these at no extra cost.

If the couple need to use the cryo preserved embryos due to a negative result on the fresh cycle Klinikk Hausken are prepared to cover any cost connected to with this cycle. Again, this includes travel and accommodation expenses. If the couple gives birth on the fresh cycle they are free to use the cryo preserved embryos for sibling treatment at their own expense. The embryos will be cryo preserved for 5 years according to Norwegian Law.

We welcome applicants between 20 and 40 years old, from all backgrounds and at any point along your fertility journey.

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