EGL Music/Advocacy Site Suggestion
Please enter names of REGISTERED youth participants from your parish who you believe would be a good fit for our Music Ministry, ARC or Advocacy Ministries (Immigration). These sites are unique in that they both need participants to be open to a site where there is limited direct ministry. For Music - there is a criteria for either instrument talent (already formed) or singing. The participant must have instrumental skills, and instruments need to be portable, and brought to EGL; singers do not need to be experts, but need a passion to learn how to use their gift for worship and ministry; for Advocacy the participant must be open to learning how to advocate for those without voices. The participant need not be well versed in the immigration or prolife ministry, but, should be open to learning more about it all. Often these advocacy ministries are better for more mature participants. NOTE: These names are suggestions ONLY - not a guarantee that the names submitted will indeed be in these groups. This assists our site planning so that we can be sure that we are doing our best to put kids where their gifts will be shared.
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