2018 WNYFLEC Officers Nomination Form
The tenure for current WNYFLEC officers expires June 30, 2018 and several positions will become
available. This is an outstanding opportunity to work with the most positive, hard-working and supportive people in our field. Complete form below if you are interested in nominating yourself or someone you know for one of the positions listed below:
WNYFLEC Officer Information
Term of Office: Holding an office for WNYFLEC
involves a 2-year commitment of serving in that
designated position, followed by a period of mentoring
your replacement.

Benefits: This is a fantastic way to meet outstanding foreign language professionals!

Meetings: Are held once a month at an officer’s home. Start time is 4:00pm, and generally runs 1.5 hours including dinner and social time. Meeting times may run longer when planning a larger event, like the Regional Conference or Student Awards Program.

“Signing up”: Nominate yourself or someone else to fill the soon-to-be-vacant Officer Positions listed on the following page. Or, if you’re just interested in “lending a helping hand,” email any current Officer to find ways in which you can help the organization.

Officer Descriptions
President: Oversees all offices and conducts meetings; officiates at events, develops correspondence.

First Vice-President: Regional Conference Co-Chair, arranges presenters; assists with Registration, door
prizes & awards.

Second Vice-President: Regional Conference Co-Chair, arranges vendors; assists with Registration, door prizes & awards.

Third Vice-President: Chairs Fall Meeting and Spring Awards Program; assists with Regional Conference as needed.

Treasurer: Oversees WNYFLEC finances, prepares reports; budgets events; collects funds; keeps track of membership.

Recording Secretary: Records monthly meeting minutes; prepares & distributes past minutes; maintains Professional Development records.

Corresponding Secretary: Reviews incoming correspondence; creates and distributes newsletters and listservs; sends cards, contact letters, etc., as needed.

Nomination Eligibility Requirements for Board Positions:
President: Current member + 4 years’ membership prior to 2018
Officers: Current member + 1 year’s membership prior to 2018

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