Petition to Loyola Administration
As Graduate Assistants, we are committed to providing the passionate and valuable work that is necessary to create a dynamic learning experience for all Loyola students and ourselves. We are devoted to the noble pursuit of higher education through the hard work that we do as instructors, students, mentors, and researchers.

Over the summer, the bargaining team has been working to develop goals for our negotiations. These goals are as follows:

1) We seek a voice at our university and respect for our union

2) We seek a livable income allowing graduate assistants to contribute fully to the campus community

3) We seek to increase accessibility of graduate school through improving the benefits package (affordable healthcare, family services, etc.)

4) We seek recognition for graduate assistants as employees and academic professionals working for the university

Please add your name to show your support of our bargaining goals, and to ask Loyola to bargain in good faith immediately.

Marina Alverez, Spanish
Mathew Amyx, History
Akila Araoul, Social Psychology
Ashley Baber, Sociology
Katherine Brichacek, Philosophy
Robert Budron, Philosophy
Amanda Burnside, Clinical Psychology
William Howard Burr, Sociology
Abraham Capone, Philosophy
Jay Carlson, Philosophy
Anna Claspy, History
Janette Clay, History
Jean Clifford, Philosophy
Jennifer Cosslyeon, Sociology
Sam Costas, Political Science
Lucas Coyne, History
Tom Crosby, Philosophy
Benjamin Collins, Political Science
Cara DiClemente, Clinical Psychology
Yelyzaveta DiStefano, Social Psychology
Bill Drust, Sociology
Robbie Duncan, Philosophy
Mary Dungy-Akenji, Social Work
Andres ElAmin-Martinez, Philosophy
Nathan Ellstrand, History
Philipa Friedman, Philosophy
Louis Formica, Counseling Psychology
Rick Gilbert, English
Jesse Goossens, Chemistry
Holly Griskell, Developmental Psychology
Lisa Hartman, History
John Hawkins, English
Tahirah Heath, Chemistry
Samuel Hernandez, History
Lauren Hindt, Clinical Psychology
Sean Jacobson, History
Nathan Jeremie-Brink, History
Danielle Kellog, Social Psychology
Rachel Kietzman, English
Joshua King, Theology
Brian Leverson, Chemistry
Claire Lockard, Philosophy
Julia Larcher, History
Elizabeth Lyle, English
Katie Macica, History
Allyson Masterson, Spanish
Jesse McDowell, English
Kathleen McNutt, Theology
Linas Mitchell, Social Psychology
Zahra Naqi, Developmental Psychology
Jonathon Neidorf, Sociology
Paul Olander, Political Science
Cynthia Onyeka, Clinical Psychology
Ruby Oram, History
Jamie Patriankakos, Social Psychology
Marie Pellissier, History
Stephen Petrie, History
Shannon Pimmel, History
Keisa Reynolds, Womens & Gender Studies
Amelia Rhys, Philosophy
Rebecca Scott, Philosophy
Hope Shannon, History
Samantha Stanley, Mathematics
Alec Stubbs, Philosophy
Stephen Tuttle, Sociology
Ella Wagner, History
Joseph Wapinski, English
Cameron Williams, Sociology
Quintin Williams, Sociology
Sebastian Wuepper, History
Young-Jae Yoon, Psychology
Yiran Zhang, Philosophy
Fatema Zohara, Sociology

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