IGF 2022
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Policy Network on Internet Fragmentation
The IGF 2022 - Policy Network on Internet Fragmentation  ( PNIF )
With this form the PNIF intends to collect initial community input for its discussions and compile a resource of existing documentation on the topic.

More on the PNIF at https://www.intgovforum.org/en/content/policy-network-on-internet-fragmentation 
To structure the work, the PNIF proposal suggests a three-layered approach to define and analyse internet fragmentation: (1) TECHNICAL / BACKBONE LAYER: whereby conditions in the underlying technical infrastructure impede the ability of systems to fully interoperate; (2) NETWORK / ACCESS LAYER: whereby conditions at the physical, network, transport layers prevent proper functioning of the Internet and/or hinder meaningful connectivity; (3) APPLICATION / CONTENT LAYER: whereby policies and actions constrain or prevent certain uses of the Internet to create, distribute or access information.
->  Please provide concise feedback on the above three-layered approach to internet fragmentation. Does it correspond to your understanding for a holistic approah?  Would you suggest additional layers or sublayers that are missing? Is there any other definition you would suggest?
The PNIF wants to build on existing work and avoid duplications and therefore starts to compile a list of background and reference document on the the topic Internet fragmentation.
Please provide references to existing background information and documents for the PNIF.
Examples / case studies. Please share examples and case studies you wish to bring to the attention of the PNIF.
(note:  this is an initial survey to help kick-starting and structuring the PNIF's work plan.  More detailed calls for contributions and case studies will follow throughout the year)
Examples / case studies.  Please be concise and add references and links to document if possible.
Any other comments or input for the PNIF.
->  Please use the space below for any other comments or suggestions for the PNIF
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Please subscribe to the PNIF mailing list if you wish to participate in the PNIF activities.   Subscribe to the mailing list at https://intgovforum.org/mailman/listinfo/pnif_intgovforum.org  .
->  Name, Affiliation, Contact - feel free to provide this information below to allow the PNIF team to contact you.
Thank you for participating !
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