Join the Clean Mobility Collective
The Clean Mobility Collective (CMC) is a network working to address the growing greenhouse gas emissions and public health crisis in the global transport sector.  We are building an international movement of activist groups, NGOs, and technical partners to support communities who are leading on locally relevant solutions and to scale up our impact through collaboration.

We believe our collective power can ensure that mobility and goods delivery puts people first and that vehicles of all sizes don’t pollute. The CMC is working for a world where companies respect our rights and stop contributing to climate and local pollution and where local decision makers prioritise clean air and health for communities.

People value clean air, safe transport, green spaces and socially responsible companies. Mobility and good delivery systems that put people first, vehicles of all sizes don’t pollute, companies respect our streets and we have localised supply chains. Public transport is electrified, affordable, accessible, safe and climate resilient.

Together we can make sure streets are for people, not pollution!

Together we will:
1. Move global e-commerce and delivery companies to commit to 100% zero emission deliveries by 2030.
2. Move cities and subnational governments to adopt regionally relevant policies that move us to clean and climate resilient urban mobility.
3. Recognize and elevate the local communities and leadership most impacted by dirty deliveries and transportation systems.
4. Maximise our collective power during key campaign moments where there are shared goals/targets across global regions.

To join the CMC, you are committing to our vision and goals.

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