Delaware County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update - Public Survey
The Delaware County Hazard Mitigation Plan update is currently underway and is inclusive of the County and all of its municipalities. The Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) identifies and evaluates risks and vulnerabilities associated with natural hazards and resulting disasters, and leads to the development of long-term strategies (policies and actions) for risk reduction, making your community more resilient.

By participating in this process, communities ensure eligibility for federal mitigation funding, a key asset in the implementation of mitigation actions that reduce risk and impacts of hazards. Mitigation plans are key to breaking the cycle of disaster damage and reconstruction.

This survey seeks to identify and collect information about hazards events, vulnerabilities and impacts; emergency management related activities in Delaware County; and feedback about how the County and it's municipalities can become more resilient to the effects of natural disasters.

The planning process is currently engaged with Jurisdictional Teams from each municipality composed of a wide range of government/municipal officials and staff. It is critical that the public and non-governmental stakeholders contribute views, ideas and feedback that will be incorporated in the plan. These contributions will improve the overall quality and accuracy of the plan.

For this plan update, Delaware County is participating in a program facilitated by the New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (NYSDHES). The project is currently engaging counties across the state as they update their Hazard Mitigation Plans to test a new web-based mitigation planning platform and planning process currently under development by NYSDHSES. This means the Delaware County Hazard Mitigation Plan update will be a web-based plan that is more interactive, dynamic, accessible, easier, and more cost effective for the County and it's municipalities to update.

Thank you for your time and participation!
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Where do you live in Delaware County? *
Where do you work in Delaware County? *
If you live in Delaware County, do you own or rent your place of residence?
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In the past 10 years, which of the following hazards have you experienced within Delaware County? *
Please describe the hazard event(s) and the impact(s) you experienced (for example damage or disruptive impacts to your home, personal property, work, school, community asset, neighborhood, etc.).
How concerned are you about future impacts of the following hazards in your community? *
1 - Not Concerned
5 - Extremely Concerned
Heat Wave
Ice Storm
Snow Storm
If you selected 4 or 5 for any hazard above please describe the impact(s) of the hazard(s) that concern you. *
Please identify any areas in your city/town/village or elsewhere in the County that are vulnerable to hazard impacts (e.g., specific properties or areas, critical facilities or infrastructure, community assets, features of the natural environment, etc.).
Please identify any vulnerable members or groups of your community that may be at risk before, during or after a hazard event. What resources or services would assist these people to better prepare for, cope with, and recover from, the impacts of hazard events?
What sources do you rely on to receive up-to-date information on projected hazard events and their impacts (before the event)? Please select the three you find most effective.
What sources do you rely on to receive up-to-date information on hazard impacts, damages, response and recovery during and after the event? Please select the three you find most effective.
How prepared is your household to cope without electricity or natural gas due to the impacts of a hazard for three days?
Extremely Prepared
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Which of the following steps has your household taken to prepare for a local hazard event? Check all that apply.
In the past, has your home been damaged by a hazard event?
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If you answered 'yes', please describe the damage that occurred.
Is your home located in the floodplain?
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If your property is in the floodplain, do you have flood insurance?
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If your property is not in the floodplain, do you have flood insurance?
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If your home is in the floodplain and you do not have flood insurance, please identify the primary reason you do not have flood insurance:
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If you have taken other measures to ensure that your home is floodproof or more flood-resistant, please describe.
If your property were located in a designated "high hazard" area, or had received repeated damages from a natural hazard event, would you consider one of the following?
Which of the following incentives might encourage you to spend money to retrofit your home to withstand the impacts of possible natural hazards (for example, elevating a flood-prone home, reinforcing a wind-prone home, using fire-proof materials on a home in a wildfire prone area, etc.)?
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Did you have problems getting homeowners or renters insurance due to risks from natural hazards?
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If you answered "yes" to the previous question, please identify the natural hazard risk that caused you to have problems obtaining homeowners or renters insurance.
Do you have an estimate of the value of your property and personal items for insurance purposes in the event of a loss due to a natural disaster?
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Have you ever received information about how to make your home and neighborhood more resistant to the impacts of hazards?
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Would you like to receive information about how to make your home and neighborhood more resistant to the impacts of hazards?
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What types of projects would reduce the damage and disruption of hazards in Delaware County?
Do you feel that your municipality is doing enough to mitigate the risks and impacts of hazards in your community?
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Please share any comments, questions, or concerns regarding hazards and hazard mitigation in your municipality and Delaware County.
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