2021-09-07 My ViewPoint Survey
2021-09-07 My ViewPoint Survey
Name a reason someone may say they love the fall season.
What is something you look through?
What is something you would hope a fortune teller sees in your future?
If you were given a box of chocolates, name a filling you might find in one of them.
When going down the dairy aisle at a grocery store, what brand of yogurt might you find?
Name a superhero that does not wear a mask.
Give a coin you might put into your piggy bank.
Name something newlyweds may get as presents at their wedding.
Not everyone loves the pumpkin flavor, but for those that do, what might someone get in the pumpkin flavor during the fall?
Name a fictional town that ends in “ville”
Name something for most is easy to cook.
If you were a songwriter and wanted to write a song about Halloween, what creature might you include in the song?
Give a professional event, that gets timed.
What is something that rhymes with “cheap”?
Other than strawberry and grape, give another type of Jelly or Jam that comes in a jar?
Your kid was upset because you put together their outdoor playset and it was missing what?
Give a fairy tale that has a happy ending.
Name something you go out and pick up?
What is something you expect a fairy-tale to include?
Name something you often see athletes endorse.
Give a place where you are expected to follow some rules.
Name a place that has an age restriction.
Give a word that rhymes with “strike”.
Someone might use the word “hot“ to describe what?
Name something that can be wireless other than a cell phone.
Give a topping you believe all pizzerias should carry other than cheese & pepperoni.
Name another celebrity that is as old as Mick Jagger
What might you put a lock on?
Give a piece of technology that keeps getting better through the years.
Give a decade in which there was much less technology than there is today.
Name something that can be calming to listen to.
Name a current fast-food chain that is in operation; you would be sad if they closed all of them.
Give a cartoon pet you would not want your own pet to act like.
Give a month most U.S kids get a week or month off of school other than July & August.
Someone trying out for a football team, may be asked to show they can do what?
If you were Cinderella instead of a carriage, name a sports car that would get you to the Ball faster?
If you were Pinocchio what would you make sure you do not go near?
Give a word that rhymes with “Tea”
Name something you can refill.
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