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Are you struggling to get a decent house in your own area? Are you fed up with the lack of resources in Castlemilk? Have you noticed the devastating effect that isolation is having on the people in your community?

We have joined an independent tenant’s union and started up a branch called Living Rent Castlemilk and we need you. We are not linked to any religious, political or charity groups and our main goal is building our community up to the standard we deserve.

We are famous in Castlemilk for our community spirit and we want to use that spirit to unite, take ownership of our area and stand up for ourselves.

We will demand: - a shopping centre which is fit for purpose - that houses are built in Castlemilk which meet our needs - community spaces that we have control over, built and run for us, by us - introduction of a local bus fare - no more threatening letters to tenants, intimidation or evictions.

This isn’t going to simply be given to us, we will take back our community by joining together and fighting the issues that matter to us the most. For this we need you. Regardless of your current living situation we need you to get involved. Join the fight
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