Independent Contractor Agreement - as of 1/2/2021.
This form will constitute an independent contractor agreement between Rose Tax Solutions LLC (Tax Firm) and ______(Name Listed Below)_____ (Tax Professional). This agreement must be renewed every year by October 1, in preparation for the upcoming Tax Season (starting January 2-October 15). Any amendments to the terms and conditions of this agreement can be updated at any time and will be sent to the Tax Pro for compliance.

* Tax Professional will receive generic marketing graphics to use for digital and print marketing.
* Tax Professional can prepare both Individual and Corporate Tax Returns.
* Tax Professional will have access to Bank Products (Note: There is a separate fee for using bank products).
* Tax Professional MUST request debit cards (5 are sent at a time) to preload client refunds.
* Tax Professional can offer their Clients Tax Refund Advances up to $6,000.
* Tax Professional agree to upload signed Service Consent, Form 8879, State E-File Forms, and Bank Product Consent Forms into DM Docs of the Tax Software for each Client.
* Tax Professional can access the Tax Firm's Office, at no cost, located at 107 North Greenwood Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Please email the dates and hours for use to ensure a tax desk will be available.

Tax Professional will email to the following:
1. Current PTIN confirmation letter from
2. Current, clear copy of a Government Issued ID.
3. Signed and dated Form W-9 and Direct Deposit form.

Upon Receipt of steps 1-3 above, the Tax Pro agrees to complete the following:
1. Login and update your password in the Tax Software.
2. Compliance Bank Training (see your e-mail for the login information).
2. Email the Compliance Bank Training to
3. <Optional> Certificate of Completion for AFSP program.
4. <Optional> A Headshot to include on our Tax Pro Tribe page to help Clients select a Tax Pro.

<NOTE> You can promote your own company brand while using the tax software from our Tax Firm. If you do this, stay consistent. For example: on social media you promote "Your Name Tax Service" and use tax software from Rose Tax Solutions. It is good practice to inform your clients when obtaining signatures to maintain trust with them.

The Tax Professional is responsible to complete all tax law training, obtain and keep the PTIN current, purchase personalized marketing items (i.e. business cards, postcards, etc.), and attend Business Development training at your own risk and investment. Any separate cost are not reimbursed by the Tax Firm; however, may be deducted as a business expense on the Tax Pro's tax return, respectively.

Thank you for trusting Rose Tax Solutions with propelling your career in the tax industry. Feel free to connect your friends and family members to this great opportunity to serve their community.

LaToya Rose "Shumate", AFSP
Senior Tax Accountant
Owner, Rose Tax Solutions
(918) 812-8525 (cell)
107 North Greenwood Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74120
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Email your IRS Welcome letter with your PTIN listed; Completed W-9 form; Current, clear copy of the Government Issued ID. Type Your Name Below to agree to send these documents. *
By signing (typing your name below), you agree to the terms of this agreement. This form is to be completed each tax season to secure your partnership with Rose Tax Solutions. You agree you are not an employee of our Tax Firm but are using the tax software, bank products, and other tools provided by Rose Tax Solutions. You agree to work for a commission of 70%, based on the tax returns you personally prepare. Commission is paid by Zelle or check. You agree bank products fees are separate from tax prep fees therefore the fees associated with a taxpayer using the bank products do not payout to you directly thus be mindful when giving discounts. You agree the tax software will calculate the tax prep rate to charge a client with options for you to provide both discounts and additional fees to the fee presented. You agree to upload all signed forms from clients to include Service Consent Form, Form 8879, State Efile Form, and Bank Product Consent Forms DIRECTLY into the tax software. Your access to the software and bank products will end October 30, annually unless a new Independent Contractor Agreement is signed. *
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