Moderation Term 1 2020
As part of our community writing goal to 'embed our practice of a robust moderation' our termly moderation meetings will continue in 2020. Our aim is to ensure there is accuracy and consistency of our assessment in writing in relation to the Learning Progression Framework from levels 1 to 5, years 1- 10, NZC.

Our focus for our Across Schools moderation has been based on the following aspects:
Text type - Persuasive Writing
L.P.F. Aspects
Writing meaningful texts: using knowledge of text structure and features
Writing meaningful texts: vocabulary knowledge
Creating text to influence others

Our samples have been taken from Years 1- 10 across the curriculum.

Using the L.P.F. exemplars, and /or our Orewa Kāhui Ako L.P.F. matrix ( see below for link) and please level each sample with the 'signpost' you think best represents the piece of work. Each signpost demonstrates the developmental steps in writing. You can choose to assess samples independently or work in a group.

Please add comment if needed.

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