Synopsis Preparation Form- P-2017/01/01
Fill-in this form and if any data is not available at time of filling then fill-in it with dummy data or write “abc/ .” on that space and go ahead. After submission of form u will receive a full thesis template. Now see this template and prepare your own thesis in your own wordings following the guidelines provided bellow every heading. Note that this template provides only guidelines. This is not your own thesis. If you will submit this thesis without using your own wordings and checking plagiarism then it will show plagiarism in you thesis. We are not responsible for that and u will be responsible for that mistake, so be careful and follow guidelines.
Prof. Dr. Gobind M. Herani, Email:, Cell: 0092-3002603841 (For help)
For more details follow the manual at:
ID *
Student ID/Roll Number/ Reg. Number (Any One Standard Adopted by the Institute/University)
Name of student *
Student/researcher Name
Gmail of student *
gmail account is not compulsory
Mobile *
Student's Father’s Name *
Name of Supervisor *
Gmail of Supervisor *
Name of Dean of Faculty *
University *
Name of your Univesity
Name of Organization under Study *
Example: KASB Bank, Nestle, Indus Motors, Gul Ahmed Textile Etc.
Area of Study *
Example: Sadar, Karaci, Karaci Urban, Karachi Rural etc
Population Area *
Example: Urban Karachi, Ruler Karachi, District Hyderabad Etc.
Population Size *
Example: 20 thousand villagers, 200 Managers, 100 Bureaucrats of Education Department Etc.
Number of Questions *
Number of Hypothesis *
Number of hypothesis is mostly equal to number of varibles
Category of Respondents
You can sample any sampling unit, including children less than 5 years of age, adult women, men, etc.
Numbers of Pilot Respondents *
Example: 15-20 First Respondents for the testing of the questionaire
Number of Respondents *
Number of respodents which are finaly used in this study
Time Period of Data Collection *
Example: Jan-Dec 2013 or (2001-2013 in Case of Time Series)
Background Of The Problem *
Write minimum round about one page- 400 words- 4-10 references should be there - only last name of all authors, year of publication like: Herani, 2011; Herani, Rajar, 2011; from book, magazine etc like: Herani, 2012:10 [Here 10 is page number]) Remember that the Introduction discusses the problem. The review of literature should concentrate on solutions (those that exist, those that are still required
An Overview Of An Organization Under Study *
Give short overview of the Organization under Study
DV *
Dependent Variable
IV *
Independent Variable/intermediate/moderator
IV1 *
Independent Variable 1
IV2 *
Independent Variable 2
Independent Variable 3
Independent Variable 4
Independent Variable 5
Independent Variable 6
Independent Variable 7
Independent Variable 8
Independent Variable 11
Independent Variable 10
Independent Variable 12
Independent Variable 12
Independent Variable 13
Independent Variable 14
Independent Variable 15
Independent Variable 16
Independent Variable 17
Independent Variable 18
Independent Variable 19
Independent Variable 20
Specialization *
Program *
Primary data collection method *
Faculty of *
Research Method *
Name of submission *
Type of Research *
Nature of Research *
Type of Sample *
Type of Questionnaire *
Type of Scale *
Methods of Survey *
Investigating Technique *
Program Abbreviation *
Type of Questions *
Name of Test Used *
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