BESTI Application Form - Organizations
This application is for organizations and not consultants. If you are a consultant, please fill out the consultant application form.

This form is one of two application requirements, both due by April 16, 2021.

Please complete this form and submit it. It must be completed all at once, as the form does not save manually or automatically. Once this form has been submitted, please gather and attach the list of information below in an email to Joyce Lin ( to complete your application.

For the second part of this application, please provide the following via email to

- List of Board of Directors
- Organization chart/staff roles
- Most recently completed financial review or audit
- Current financial statements

Minimum Criteria for Organizations:

- Registered not-for-profit society in BC for a minimum of 2 years
- Offers majority of services in the Central Okanagan
- Attendance by at least 2 leaders at Dimensions to Success on (March 6, 2021) is highly recommended by not a mandatory criteria
- Commitment of a Leadership Team of 4:
- 2 board members (including at minimum, president/chair or vice president/chair), 1 most senior staff person, and 1 other board or staff
- If no staff: 2 board members (including at minimum, president/chair or vice president/chair), 2 other senior leadership/management volunteers and/or contractors
- Willingness to fully participate, and address critical issues and challenges
- Has an established "market" for their services (i.e., the organization already has constituents/clients)
- Institutional capacity and readiness to participate over 12 months
- Openness for change
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