2020 Chapel Pledge
As a community of faith at work in the world, the Chapel is moving forward with its plans for ministry in the coming year. We count on your support!
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Type of Pledge
Note: A "sustainer pledge" can be made when someone already makes a primary pledge to another church, but would still like to support the work of the Chapel community. We count on a growing community of "sustainers" who accompany us.
In 2020, our monthly pledge to the Chapel's general fund will be:
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In 2020, our total annual pledge will be:
(For a monthly pledge, take the answer to the previous question and multiply by 12)
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Automate Your Pledge
The Chapel has an easy and automatic way to make your pledge each month. If you currently participate, we will update your automatic deduction based on the amount of your new 2020 pledge. If you don't participate in our automatic deduction program, please consider it!
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Help Retire the Chapel's Mortgage
When we renovated our kitchen, we loaned ourselves the money which we are paying off at the rate of $9,000/year. The amount of our loan is now about $55,000.
We would like to help retire the mortgage with an additional gift in 2020 of:
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Legacy Circle
Our Endowment Fund has been established to support the Chapel's ministry long into the future. We have established a "Legacy Circle" of members who have considered gifts to the Endowment Fund as part of their estate planning.
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