Occasionette Exchange Log
Occasionette policy: Due to the nature of small business, new, unused, sellable items in their original packaging may be exchanged within 14 days of purchase with a receipt.
All exchanges must be logged here the day the exchange takes place.
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Which shop was the item purchased in?
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Which shop was the item brought back to?
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What would the customer like to exchange? (Be specific! Please include the brand, what the item was and what scent / color / variation, if applicable).
Why are they exchanging it?
Did they have a paper or digital receipt?
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What is the date the item was purchased? Was it within the 14 day exchange window? (or the holiday exchange window, if applicable).
Was the item in new, sellable condition and original packaging? (ie, if you put it back on the sales floor, would another customer be able to tell it was returned?)
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Did the customer exchange the item for shop credit or for different product?
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If a refund (via cash or credit card) was given, please explain why the purchase was refunded. Remember, it is our policy to only give refunds in extreme and very specific circumstances. Our policy is that items in new, sellable condition (original packaging) can be exchanged within 14 days with a receipt.
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