Registration for 2018 Programming classes
All of our classes are offered both online and onsite.
For 6th to 12th graders

Onsite Location 20432 Silverado Ave. Ste 5, Cupertino, CA 95014
Online Location: Online.SpringLightEducation.Com
Contact: or 408-480-7547
The Java programming has a focus on structured and object-oriented methods of programming with an emphasis on analytical thinking skills and logic. It covers the content found in a high school first year introductory course to Java programming, requiring no prior experience.
Advanced Java/USACO Bronze is to improve the students' basic Java programming skills and teach them competition skills. The students need to understand basic Java and can write code without syntax errors, and knows basics such as arrays, loops, conditionals.
The AP Computer Science Test Prep class will serve to prepare students for the AP Computer Science A exam in May. Students need to have learned Java programming as a prerequisite.

We can offer laptops for students to use during the class, but we strongly recomment that the students bring their own laptops.

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Adam Xu qualified for the USACO Platinum and scored a 5 on the AP computer science. He has taken the AP CS class at Lynbrook and as a result is familiar with the struggles of high school Java programming and AP CS assignment/projects. This puts him in the best position to help other students going through the same struggles. As an experienced SpringLight AP Computer Science teacher, his past students who took his AP CS prep class enjoyed it and scored 5. All of his students say that they learned a lot from him not only to prepare for AP CS test, but also to do well in their high school programming classes.

Ms. Grace Zou received a MS degree from CMU in computer science. As a software engineer, she was employed in several companies in the Silicon Valley and is proficient in Java and JavaScript. Grace has experience with many big companies’ interview question topics, such as: various data structure/algorithms, and system design. She has been teaching USACO bronze, AP CS and Java at SpringLight Education.
Grace老师毕业于CMU的计算机系,认真负责。她在2017秋天教的USACO Bronze class获得了同学们的一直称赞。一位学生在12月的竞赛中铜级取得了1000分满分晋级银,又取得了优异成绩,继而晋级金级。恭喜他们。

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