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Proposals are due Friday, August 9, 2019.
Final submissions will be due September 1. We will follow up soon regarding your proposal!

This fall, Lumpen Magazine will release a publication as part of the “Togetherism” programming season. The publication, too, is a collaborative project.

Togetherism examines creative experiments with horizontal, collective art-making and organizing. Work done in groups provokes us to consider other social forms than the established. Group work challenges conventions of value and authority in art and society.

We are seeking submissions that can address the following questions:

How can collaborative work be liberating, radical, nurturing, or a form of coping and survival? What does it mean to work collectively in the time of isolated, individualized labor in the arts and beyond? Why do groups come together, and how do they fall apart?

For more information please reach out to Marina Resende ( or Nora Catlin (

Header image: Collective Actions, "Pictures", 1979. Photo by Andrei Monastyrsky / Andrei Monastyrsky Archive.

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