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1. How many children do you have in a Pleasanton Unified school?
2. Please select their school(s) of attendance:
3. PPIE funds Supplemental Staff for our schools - we partner with parent clubs (PTA/PTSA/PFC) who focus on Stuff (class supplies, tech, activities & teacher/parent development). For 2019-2020, PPIE is funding : Librarians (to keep libraries open at recess/lunch/after school), Student Intervention (for help or advancement in math, tech & English), Onsite IT (to open labs & keep IT accessible for all), Student Counselors & a new Student Assistance Provider position to develop a more student-centered approach to addressing anxiety and stress in school. We also funded Outdoor Ed bus transportation for all elementary schools. Visit for details. Rank your priorities for STAFF from the options we're able to fund (1 for top choice, 2 for 2nd, etc. - for mobile device, you may need to swipe left to see all options). If no preference, please indicate and we will work with your principal and school staff.
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Library Assistant (2 extra hrs/day) - PUSD funds 5 hrs/day)
Student Intervention Specialist (English, math, technology - for students who need help or advancement)
Onsite IT (2 extra hrs/day) - PUSD funds 6 hrs/day
Student support counselor
NEW Student Assistant Provider position - build student-centered approach to address anxiety and stress
I do not have a strong opinion; please work with the principal to make the best selection for my school
Other - if you select this, please indicate your preference in the comment section at the end of the survey
4. See how much you know! PPIE (Pleasanton Partnerships in Education Foundation) was founded in 1987 and funds supplemental STAFF and STEAM teacher/student grants for all 15,000 students at all 15 schools in Pleasanton. We complement school parent clubs (PTA/PTSA/PFC), music/athletics Booster programs, and the school district (PUSD) to sustain our A+ school rating. Please indicate which 'fun facts' you already knew about PPIE before reading this section - select as many as you like:
5. Our goal is twofold: to build community at our schools and raise awareness of PPIE's impact at each school. We'd love your thoughts about how best to do this - networking gatherings, information meetings, MeetUps with school and district staff, more school-site marketing, etc.. Please provide any comments and suggestions here.
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