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Who has access to your yard? Gardner, Pool man. Neighbor. Utility. Other, please explain: *
How do you normally walk your dog? On leash. Off leash. *
When on leash, do you normally use: collar only, corrective collar, or harness? *
Are you willing to live with hair on the furniture, stains on your rugs, a warm body on your bed and an animal that might be destructive at times? *
Where will your dog travel in your car? *
What brand of dog food will you feed your dog? *
Do you have a doggy door? If yes, what is your philosophy on these? *
Have you ever participated in special dog training? If so, what type? *
Are you willing to attend obedience training with your dog? *
Will all family members take part in training? If not, why? *
What form of exercise will you provide the dog and how often? *
How many hours per day will your dog be alone? *
Where will the exercise take place? In yard, walks around the neighborhood, dog parks, trails, etc. *
Have you used a dog walker or do you have day care available if the dog was to be alone longer than four hours - the maximum length of time a dog should be left alone? If so, please provide name and contact info. *
How often do you go on vacation and what will you do with your dog? *
What outdoor activities do you or your family engage in? *
Do you hunt? If so, how often and where? *
Do you or your household members smoke? *
What is your philosophy or method of training a dog? *
Do you know of any dog trainers or behaviorists? If so, please include company name. *
Have you ever owned a rescue animal before? *
Have you ever had a special needs animal before? *
Have you dealt with behavioral issues before? *
Have you crate trained an animal before? Was it difficult? *
Have you house trained an animal before? Was it difficult? *
If necessary, how will you discipline your dog? *
Describe your "perfect" dog - breed, size, age, sex, color, temperament. Perhaps one you have owned or seen. *
What are your expectations from your dog? *
What can you offer a rescued dog? *
Are all members of your household aware of plans to adopt or foster an animal? *
If something happens to you, who will care for your animals? *
For what reason would you return a companion animal? *
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