The Baltimore Taxidermy Open 2016: Application for Entry
A rogue taxidermy competition presented by The Walters Art Museum and Bazaar. Call for entries will end Sept. 15th, 2016.
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Note: entry is open to both creators and collectors.
Are you submitting a work that has been previously displayed at the 2015 Baltimore Taxidermy Open? *
Note: you may submit winning pieces from last year's competition, but they will not be eligible to win in this year's contest.
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Upon finishing this application, you will be contacted by coordinators with a request for visual documentation.
Have you ever participated in a taxidermy competition or fair?
Should your work be accepted, would you be able to attend the event on October 6th at The Walters Art Museum and speak about your work?
It is likely that a small travel stipend to cover transportation costs will be provided for artists not local to Baltimore.
Should your work be accepted, would you be compliant with measures taken by The Walters' preservation team to prevent contaminants in the museum? *
This may include, but is not limited to, a thorough inspection by trained museum staff and/or treating work displaying signs of infestation or contamination. Walters staff reserves the right to deny work entry into the museum if any evidence of contamination is found.
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