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Please use this form to apply for funding from the NZ Canyoning Association Canyon Fund.

Any questions or correspondence about the Canyon Fund, or for anyone wishing to donate, please contact:
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Instructions - short version
- This form will only take 10 minutes to fill out, if you know approximately what the project is going to cost
- NZCA funds Canyon Fund projects from its annual budget, which mostly comes from festival earnings. Funding is first come, first served
- We (the NZCA exec) will review the application and respond within a couple of weeks (let us know if we don't!)
- Ideally you should apply before completing your project, although we may make exceptions
- Our default policy is that you fund the project and that we will reimburse on completion, up to the maximum amount approved
- We will usually only pay for consumables, not for your time, food, beer etc
- Some equipment providers, including Access Gear and Aspiring, may provide discounts for Canyon Fund projects (ask them)
- Frequent use canyons should ideally be fitted with SS belay stations (connected by chain) or glue-ins. But SS hangers connected by webbing (as per the NZCA Bolting COP) may be accepted if justified for practical reasons or in remote locations
Full Terms and Conditions - the fine print

The Canyon Fund is administered by the NZ Canyoning Association for two purposes;

1. To support existing canyoning opportunities

By providing funds to establish, develop, repair, maintain or upgrade infrastructure in and around existing canyons in New Zealand. The fund is intended to support projects which develop the range of canyoning opportunities, improve safety and/or mitigate the impact of canyoning.

Appropriate infrastructure may include, but is not limited to;
• canyoning anchors
• access tracks
• toilets
• signage

2. To encourage new canyoning opportunities

To support the discovery of new canyons, to develop the range of canyoning opportunities, inspire the canyoning community, and raise the profile of canyoning and the NZCA


Applications will be considered by the executive of the NZ Canyoning Association as a matter of business as per the society rules. Not all applications will be approved, and some applications may only receive part funding.

The amount of money available to the Canyon Fund each year will be determined by the executive, when considering the budget for the NZCA financial year. When the amount of funds applied for exceed the amount available, the money granted to new canyoning opportunities applicants will be limited to 25% of the available funds for that period.

The Canyon Fund is normally only available to support projects organised by members of the NZ Canyoning Association.

Funding is normally limited to consumable materials only. This means materials which stay in/around the canyon may be funded, but that things like ropes, transport, food, expenses will not be funded.

In exceptional circumstances, where projects on existing canyons require professional work, funding may be granted towards the costs of professional labour and other expenses.


For existing canyoning opportunities
• How much use the canyon receives
• The degree that safety is maintained or improved by the project

For new canyoning opportunities
• The significance of the expedition
• The degree to which it will inspire the canyoning community
• How the expedition will raise the profile of the NZCA

For all applications
• The degree that impacts of canyoning activity are mitigated by the project
• The suitability of the applicant to successfully complete the project
• The approval of relevant land owners/managers to do the project
• The cost of the project, compared to the benefits
• How well this project aligns with good practice
• How well the project aligns with the strategic objectives of the NZ Canyoning Association as decided by the executive.


Applications can be received at any time and will be considered in the order they are received. Applications which miss out in competition, may apply in following year.

Applications should be made prior to placing anchors wherever possible. However, in some circumstances, the NZCA may consider retrospective applications. The aim of this is to encourage careful forward planning when installing anchors, but not to disadvantage canyon explorers and developers who may be unsure of the quality of a canyon before they explore it for the first time.

If a canyon is worthy of being developed up to the permanent anchor standard of the NZCA Bolting COP, then an application for developing the canyon may also include a request to fund the anchors already installed. Approval for retrospective funding for anchors which have already been installed will normally only be considered if the applicant also is applying for funds to bring the canyon up to permanent anchor standard.

Funding will only be considered for already installed anchors which were placed within the previous or current canyoning season.


Unsuccessful applicants will be notified as soon as is practicable. The executive decision on any applications is final, and no further correspondence will be entered into once that decision has been made.

Successful applicants will be notified as soon as is practicable, with any conditions that must be met.

These conditions may include;
• That the project must be completed within a certain time frame
• The maximum amount of funds which will be offered
• Any other condition the executive requires

Payment by reimbursement for actual costs, up to the maximum agreed, will be paid by the Treasurer to the applicant once;
• The project is completed to the agreed standard
• All conditions of the applications are met
• Appropriate receipts and/or invoices are provided

Payment in advance
* By negotiation, in limited special circumstances.
* advance payments will be made based on supplied quotes.
* The applicant is obliged to prove the work was done.
* Any unspent funds must be returned to NZCA.
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