Metabolic Syndrome and NALFD Knowledge Assessment (Post-Test)
Project #171934
Please answer all questions AFTER watching the Metabolic Syndrome and NALFD video.
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Eating sugar causes diabetes *
Diabetes occurs in people with insufficient or no _____ *
Symptoms of high blood sugar include: *
Individuals with diabetes may only eat special kinds of sweets for diabetes *
Eye disorders can be consequences of diabetes *
A person is considered to have hypertension if systolic blood pressure (top number) > 140 and/or diastolic blood pressure (bottom number) >90 on two separate occasions. *
Hypertension can cause dizziness *
Uncontrolled hypertension can lead to which of the following: *
After medication has lowered hypertension, the medication can usually be discontinued *
LDL cholesterol is known as *
Medicine for reducing cholesterol only has to be taken just before taking any oily or fatty foods *
High level of "bad" cholesterol" can also occur in thin people *
Obesity is associated with serious medical conditions *
Excess fat in the stomach area is a greater risk factor for heart disease than excess fat in other parts of the body, such as on the hips. *
Sedentary lifestyle is a risk for metabolic syndrome *
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