2018 RobotC Programming Workshop
Completing this form is the first step to enroll in the 2018 RobotC Programming Workshop hosted by the Southeastern Center of Robotics Education at Auburn University. This training will take place on July 11th at Auburn University for K-12 teachers wishing to expand their programing knowledge in RobotC. When your registration is submitted, you will receive confirmation within two business days of your registration. If space is full, you will be notified and have the option to be placed on a waitlist.

If you have any questions or need more information, email Tj Nguyen at tcn0002@auburn.edu.

Training information
Date: July 11 (8:30am-4:30pm)
STI-PD Credit Hours: 7
Tuition: $150 (if registered on or before June 15); $175 (if registered after June 15)

Course Description: Teachers will learn programming best practices and learn the most commonly used functions in programming through a series of hands-on learning exercises. Topics covered will include variables, loops, conditional statements, sensor input/output, and more. The course will be aimed at teachers with little to no experience and teachers who have experience but want to increase their confidence in programming for the classroom or competitions.

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If you have any questions regarding payment, contact: Teddy Dubose at teddy.dubose@auburn.edu or (334) 844-8161

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Credit card payments must be made over the phone. For questions related to payment, please contact Teddy Dubose at teddy.dubose@auburn.edu or (334) 844-8161. Check can be made payable to Auburn University and can be mailed to: COSAM Outreach (RobotC Workshop); 131 Science Center Classrooms; 315 Roosevelt Concourse; Auburn, AL 36849
As this registration request is received, SCORE will contact you within two business days to confirm placement in the Training or your waitlist status.
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