Madison Employee Scholarship
Madison Memorial Hospital and Madison Memorial Hospital Foundation are delighted to present our Employee Scholarship Program. We are committed to helping our employees further their hospital-related education. Our Foundation supports the development and improvement of our organization. This scholarship is awarded on a reimbursement basis. Applications due the end of April.
- Active in the foundation (Donating or participating with foundation activities)
- MMH empoyee for a minimum of one year by June 1st
- Employee in good standing
- Complete course within 2017 calendar year
- Return and report to the MMH Foundation
- Submit application by June 1st
- Enroll in a healthcare industry related course
- Submit receipt for actual monies spent on course and proof of successful completion (minimum 2.5 GPA or
professional certificate of completion) prior to scholarship reimbursement. (Submit information to Human
Resources, Attention H.R. Director).
Employee Name
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Primary Department
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Hire Date
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Best contact phone number, time to contact, and email
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Course Title
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Brief description of your Foundation Participation
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If awarded, what would the scholarship mean to you? (200 words or less)
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Why would you be considered the best applicant for the scholarship?
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