The Schedule is 13:00-17:30. Sign up for both days if you want!

Please understand that the spots are limited and that we might have to re-arrange due to demand.

We will send you more information about the set up a couple of days before it starts.

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About CrossWork
The goal is to supercharge the normal work week by following a few basic principles:

🤸‍ Move at work. Wear comfortable clothes to allow for mobility and movement.

🍳 Eat with accountability. No standard office food, no exceptions.

💪 Work like an athlete - high intensity interval productivity - HIIP!

⏰ Timebox every minute, ideally with a facilitator. This sounds stressful, but  is actually incredibly fun and effective.

Schedule Tuesday 24/7 & Thursday 26/7:

1255: Arrive to Escapist

1300: Check In: Define your goals

1315: Round 1: Deep Work + Movement Session

1415: Round 2: Deep Work + Movement Session

1515: Round 3: Deep Work + Movement Session

1600: HIIT Workout

1700: Cool Down + Recovery

Make sure to bring:

Athletic clothes and water

Laptop, headphones and anything else you need to get stuff done!

Think about a goal, topic or project that requires deep work and concentration. Ideally, something you can make real progress on in a few hours.

See you next week in your finest athleisure!

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