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Brittany Mitchell is a mental performance coach with a master's degree in sport psychology/performance enhancement from Cal State Fullerton. Her work centers around working with athletes from the youth level to the collegiate level on the mental game. She has a basketball background, but has worked with a number of different sports including soccer, tennis, softball, and track and field.

She is passionate about the following topics:
- Preventing and recovering from athlete burnout
- Parenting the elite athlete
- Performing under pressure
- The combination of sport and faith
- The pro's and con's of a strong athletic identity
- Mental game essentials for club/travel ball athletes
- Coaching clinics/workshops
- Mental training workshops for teams/organizations (team communication, leadership, focus/concentration, goal setting, team culture, & more)
& More

Brittany Mitchell travels locally and across the country to speak with athletes, teams, organizations, and college students. Please fill out the following information if you are interested in having Brittany at your next event. We will contact you within 24 hours to discuss availability and the next steps!
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