VUSA Ethnic Diversity Scholarship Application
Purpose: The Vineyard USA Ethnic Diversity Working Team has set aside some funds to help prioritize Vineyard pastors and leaders of color to participate in National and Regional Vineyard Events. Please remember that the spirit of this scholarship is to enable people of color to be more involved in Vineyard events. Scholarships are not intended to replace whatever funds churches have already budgeted for attendance at events. These scholarships exist to enable leaders to go to events who otherwise would not have been able to attend.

In particular, lead pastors should be able to demonstrate tangible ways they are already investing in the leadership development of the applicant. Thanks for keeping this in mind!

Process: Please submit your application at least 3 weeks prior to the start of the event you are requesting funds for.
Please complete the following application here , or you can send out the application and have individuals complete it. You will receive a response within 2 weeks from Kathy Maskell.

The scholarship money is designated to help defray the costs of event registration, accommodations, and travel expenses. Meals will not be covered by the designated scholarship funds.
We ask that all applicants pay for a portion themselves, as well as reach out to their home church and Vineyard area and Regional leader.
We will also be reaching out to the Senior Pastor you list on the application below for a recommendation. Please make sure you talk to your Senior Pastor before applying for the scholarship.

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