Healing Hearts Application
Please apply for the Healing Hearts dog by answering the questions below. This application is step ONE of TWO. Please understand that to be considered for a Healing Hearts Dog, BOTH portions of the application must be completed. Thank you for understanding and more importantly thank you for applying.
Please also understand that Healing Hearts does not provide training for vision assist, hearing assist or seizure alert dogs. Unfortunately, Healing Hearts is only able to donate dogs and puppies to the 48 continental United States due to the health and safety of the animals.
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Your first and last name *
After we receive this FIRST half of your application, you will be given a facebook link to a PRIVATE Healing Hearts Facebook page to upload a video telling us your story and how this dog can change or save your life or the life of the person you are nominating.  This video must be completed as the SECOND half of your application. By checking "Yes", you understand this. *
Your mailing address *
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Your cell phone number *
Who is the dog for? *
How can a Healing Hearts Dog help you or this person? *
Are you or the person you are nominating able and willing to take care of the needs of a doodle? Such as vet appointments, fur and body care (grooming every 4-8 weeks approximately $100), proper nurishment (food approximately $100/mo), exercising needs, insurance (approximately $45/mo) basic training needs, 6 month and 12 month follow up with Healing Hearts Dog Trainer via zoom call or face to face if the dog is a service dog,  a therapy dog or a facility dog. *
Where would this dog live? *
Who would this dog live with? (Family members including other animals in the family) *
Please list all animals that live in the house that the Goldendoodle would live with. Please also include the breed of the animals, age of the animals and temperment of the animals. *
Are you or said person open to gender, size, color and timeframe? *
Are dog allergies an issue? Please understand no dog is completely hypoallergenic and your dog may shed. *
Do you or the person you are nominating need: *
If you or the person you are nominating, needs training (service, facility or therapy) please be specific on what training/tasks need to be done. *
Are you or the person you are nominating able to do puppy training for a working dog? The puppy would live with you from ages 8 weeks-20 weeks as you bond with your puppy and train the dog in basic obedience. You would then take the dog to one of Healing Hearts Trainers for specific task training. The dog would be with the Healing Hearts Trainer for approximately 4 months as part of your Healing Hearts gift. (Selecting "no" will not alter any decisions for receiving a Healing Hearts Dog.)
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Should there be any reason the nominee cannot keep their dog, it is understood that the dog is returned to 4E Kennels and not given to someone else.  By checking. "Yes", you understand this. *
There is no warranty guarantee on a Healing Hearts Dog. While we use puppies from health tested parents,  we cannot guarantee health. Should your Healing Hearts Dog pass away or get sick at any age, you are not given a replacement. By clicking below, you are agreeing to those terms. *
It is understood that Healing Hearts Dogs are not be used to breed. If you agree to accept a Healing Hearts Dog, you are agreeing to spay or neuter your Healing Hearts Dog unless it has already has been done prior to placement. By checking. "Yes", you understand this. *
If you submit this application you are agreeing that your story and you will be on social media and/or TV. You are ok with being on social media and or news stations. By checking, "Yes," you understand this. *
Anything else you want to share with us? Or other information we should know? *
Since we also offer our retired parents as ESA's and therapy dogs, we occasionally have a specific dog that has become available that has been evaluated that might match what you need and want. If that is the case and you saw said dog advertised, please state which dog you are applying for and how that dog will be able to help you.
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