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To get a free 60-90 minute Professional Development session for your practice, tell us more about your current knowledge and needs so we can tailor our support to you!
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We'd love to be a resource for everyone in your practice. Who works for you? Multiple doctors, techs, assistants?
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Clinic Basics
Tell us about what awesome things you're already doing to minimize clinic/exam stress and support clients with behavior needs.
About ____% of my clinic visits include questions/concerns about behavior. *
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I feel knowledgeable/confident in the use of lower stress or "fear free" handling techniques in the clinic. *
I am aware of cooperative care concepts and practices and feel confident in supporting clients who use them. *
I feel knowledgeable about the science of behavior change, including the AVSAB guidelines on the use of punishment and LIMA. *
I am confident in the use of medication support (in addition to behavior modification) for behavior concerns including anxiety, reactivity, and aggression. *
Referral Network
Tell us more about your current comfort level and practices for behavior-related referrals.
I have at least one trainer I feel comfortable referring to for basic manners and "standard" training. *
I have at least one behavior consultant I feel comfortable referring to for more complex DOG behavior modification cases including anxiety, reactivity, and aggression. *
I have a behavior consultant I feel comfortable referring to for CAT behavior concerns *
I have a relationship with a veterinary behaviorist I can consult with for questions about medication or behavior modification. *
I feel confident about knowing when to refer to a veterinary behaviorist vs a behavior consultant vs a trainer. *
Art & Science Behavior Services strives to be part of a "village" of competent, science-based professionals. If you're comfortable sharing who you currently refer to, we'd love to reach out to them to offer networking and referral support.
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