Lenten Listening Questions - Week 2
It is our mission to lead the congregation through a process of reflection and discernment so we may hear an inspired answer in how to use this money to further the mission of this church.

This online form is just one way we will be using these questions in guiding our thoughts, minds and prayers. This is not a survey. These are a wide variety of conversation starters. Respond to as few or as many questions as you please.

We know that other congregations have been hurt by such sums and situations as Prince of Peace is blessed with. It is our hope that we can find a common mission and consensus as we move forward. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We are not in a hurry. We have the responsibility to be judicious.

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What qualities about our church do you find important in identifying who we are as a congregation?
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Why do you choose to be part of this church?
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What do we do well?
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What has been impactful to you while you have been here? How so?
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POP is involved in many ministries and causes. Which are important to you? Why?
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