2022 Moderate Income Housing Annual Report
HB 462 made significant revisions to the moderate income housing element in the state code. Through this legislation, greater clarity as well as new strategies were outlined as options to be used within moderate income housing plans. The requirement for such an element as well the reporting of progress on moderate income housing was also amended.

Under the Utah Code, the legislative body for certain jurisdictions must annually submit a report that includes:
1. A description of each moderate income housing strategy selected by the jurisdiction for implementation; and
2. An implementation plan.

In accordance with UCA 10-9a-408 and 17-27a-408, the following jurisdictions must have a moderate income housing element with implementation plan in their general plan and report annually:

- Of the first, second, third, or fourth class, or
- Cities of the fifth class with at least 5,000 in population (and within a first, second, or third class county)

Metro Townships
- A population of at least 5,000

- Of the first, second, or third class, and
- A population of at least 5,000 within the unincorporated portion of the county

For the 2022 annual report:

** By Oct 1, 2022, jurisdictions that fall under this requirement must adopt/amend their general plan to utilize the new strategy options in their moderate income housing element and include an implementation plan

** By Oct 1, 2022, jurisdictions that fall under this requirement must submit their annual report (using this form)

** Within 90 days of report submission, the Housing and Community Development Division will review the annual report for compliance and potential priority funding consideration.
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