1:1 pre-coaching questionnaire
Hello beautiful soul!

The following questions help me to gain a deeper understanding of you before we begin a journey together.

Some of these questions may bring up emotions for you and I encourage you to let them flow in all of their beauty, truth, and glory. Please know that this is a safe space that I have infused with unconditional love.

Answer as fully and completely as you can and give this exercise as much time as it requires. There are no right or wrong answers here.

Write from the heart. I cant wait to read your answers!

Beaming you love, Emma x
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Name: *
Website & social media handles (if applicable): *
What is your human design type? (find out here if you don't already know: www.mybodygraph.com, you'll need your date, exact time & place of birth). Please confirm type, authority and profile. e.g. Projector, emotional, 3/5. *
Please provide your date, location and time, including hour and minute, of birth. (This will be used for astrology purposes and will never be shared). *
Tell me about yourself. Where are you in your life right now? What has led you here? *
Tell me about the business you run, or wish to run, in detail. (who do you serve? how do you do it? How much money do you make? How does it feel for you? What works / what doesn't?) *
What is your relationship to 'the masculine' like? For example your relationship to assertiveness, confidence, willpower, power, your Father and anything else you consider masculine. Tell me anything that comes up. *
What is your relationship to 'the feminine' like? For example your relationship to receiving, allowing, surrender, receptivity, sensuality, beauty, your mother and anything else you consider feminine. Tell me anything that comes up. *
What do you know you're currently believing that is no longer serving you or your highest calling? *
Have you worked with a coach before? Tell me about the experience... *
If you currently experience a menstrual cycle: Is this something you track or actively work with to support you in any way? *
Do you consider yourself to have a faith of any kind? Be that religious, spiritual or anything else? Tell me about it in detail. *
What is your relationship to your body like? *
What is your relationship to your soul like? *
Do you feel connected to your intuition and your heart currently? Describe the connection as it is now, and how you'd like it to be. *
Bring to mind a time in your life that you felt successful. This feeling/time can be related to anything at all, all that matters is that it felt genuinely successful for you (e.g. you felt confident, happy, free and whatever else success means for you personally). Immerse yourself in that time, and then answer the following questions What happened? tell me a bit about that time. What led to that point? What did you do? What did you NOT do? What thoughts were you thinking? What were you NOT thinking? What are the greatest gifts and lessons this time taught you? *
If you didn't need to know the 'how' and could come fully into a space of dreaming, what do you see / feel for your life's legacy? take yourself fully into this vision and then answer the following question: What is the change you and your work have contributed to? (there are no right or wrong answers here. Breaking family patterns is as worthy and honourable as creating a business that impacts thousands - all that's important is that it feels true and expanding and like love - in your own heart and soul). *
Bring to mind the version of you who has fully embodied her soul purpose and life legacy. See her, feel her, let your cells and your entire being enliven and awaken to her. How does she move through the world? What kinds of stories is she telling herself? What is she doing / thinking / feeling / being that is different from your current internal & external reality? *
What are you most hoping will happen as a result of this work together? Please detail desires that you feel comfortable sharing And also shadow desires (things that feel kinda edgy for you to want). *
Why in particular are you drawn to working with me? *
Your investment will range from £2,750 - £10,500 GBP depending on the package you choose. How does that feel for you? *
Is there anything else you want to tell me? Or anything you don't want to tell me but think I should know? *
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