GRL Summer Camp 2019: Volunteer Application Form
Sign-up to help out at camp! June 24th-29th, 2019 at the Lied Center of Kansas!
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If you checked "Instrument Instructor," what instrument would you like to teach?
If you selected "Gear Crew" or "Roadie": are you able to lift up to 20lbs?
If you checked "Workshop Leader," what workshop would you lead?
Please describe a brief outline of the workshop you would like to teach. We will follow up by sending you a specific workshop proposal form.
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Are you in a band that would like to perform at camp?
Regardless of your preferred role(s) at camp, describe any and all experience you have had with the following: setting up PA systems/microphones or other AV setup experience, singing, rapping, guitar, piano, keyboard, electric bass, or drums.
Please don't be modest!! You don't have to be an expert or a professional for your skills and knowledge to be helpful at camp.
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Are you licensed, certified, or trained in any of the following?
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Do you have experience working with any of the following: conflict resolution, ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, depression, anxiety, self harm, or other mental, emotional or physical challenges? Please describe.
We value neurodiversity and wish to provide the best resources we can to all our campers and volunteers.
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Do you have experience working with ages 12-18?
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Do you have any needs regarding accessibility and/or health that we can accommodate?
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Do you have any food allergies or dietary needs?
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Do you have gear to lend to camp?
Doesn't need to be fancy or new! Just needs to be complete and functional!
What other skills can you bring to camp that you think might be helpful?
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