Emerald City Icons Player Application
Fill out this form to be considered for admittance to ECI, a Mutants and Masterminds 3E living world game server. There are no right answers, just answer honestly and to the best of your ability as most of these questions are to help us help you. Make sure that you can be contacted on Discord by somebody you don't share a server with so we can contact you.
How did you find out about us? *
If you found us through Reddit what is your username?
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If you were invited by a person on the server what is their Discord name?
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What is your full Discord handle? (ex: example#1234) *
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Are you ok with PvP being limited largely to RP and only with the consent of all parties? *
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Are you ok with a largely Platinum Age setting with legal consequences for illegal actions? *
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Are you ok with the possibility of character death? At least as much as it occurs in comics. *
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How much experience do you have with Mutants and Masterminds 3E? *
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How much experience do you have with other systems? Please list them. *
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Describe your last few characters in any system (2-3, if applicable) in terms of build, playstyle, and personality. *
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What are instant turn offs for RPG groups to you? *
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What are features in a campaign or game that you particularly enjoy? *
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Have you ever had to leave or been kicked from an RPG group due to issues? If so what were they? Did you learn anything from them? *
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How good would you say you are at character optimization? *
What's that?
System Breaking
How hard would you say you try to optimize? *
Actively avoid it
It's not fun if I can't do everything
How well do you know the Earth-Prime canon? *
Earth-Prime? What's that?
I can quote the deep lore. I know the Source Book and who guards it
The point of a tabletop RPG is? *
What kind of play style do you prefer? *
Do you currently have any interest in GMing for the server?
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