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Hi! Thanks for your interest in the survey! All questions are optional.

The playthrough code isn't required to submit, but it would be very much appreciated!
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You can submit as many codes as you want! Leave the rest blank if you've already answered them before.
Is this your first playthrough?
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Do you have a twin?
If yes, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the twins' relationship!
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What is your first impression of the title?
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Did the opening scene hook you into the story?
It was boring.
It hooked me right in!
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What is your opinion on the Main Character's age?
Please note that I will be aging up the MC to 12 years old in the next update!
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Is your character interested in crushes or puppy love?
If puppy love is not your thing, each character has a friendship route too which has similar scenes, so you won’t miss out on anything!
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Do you like the musical scenes?
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How is the pacing of the story?
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Did you play with locket notifications on?
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Do your personality stats match how you were playing your character?
It doesn't match at all.
It was very accurate.
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Which stats do you find inaccurate, and why? (Optional)
Please select all the bedtime story genres you have read or are planning to read.
How do you like the characters (as a reader) so far?
If you like/dislike a character, it would be helpful to answer why in the comments section below.
Main Character
Twin Sibling
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Is there enough context clues to understand the Tagalog/non-English parts?
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Do you want a hug?
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What tropes and settings do you want to see explored in the story? (Optional)
Any comments, opinions, or suggestions? (Please report bugs and typos in the forum thread.)
Please don't be afraid to share your thoughts, I read and consider all feedback. :)
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