Education Services Agreement
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Educational Services Policy
NAPS offers educational services tailored to meet students' individual needs. Please read the following statement and enter your name below to acknowledge receipt of this policy.

I. Parents shall notify the Director and/or the Assistant Director if they are aware that their child has or has had a learning concern when completing the initial enrollment application.

II. At any time during the child’s enrollment period, parents must provide the school with copies of all written reports and other educational, psychological, pediatric, therapeutic, or other information relevant to the child’s education.

III. Parents shall also sign a communication authorization and/or records-release form allowing NAPS to communicate with previous schools and/or service providers (for example, but not limited to, speech, behavioral, or physical therapists) in reference to the services provided for the child.

IV. If, in the professional judgement of the school, it is determined that NAPS is unable to provide adequately for the special education a child requires, the parent will be notified.

V. The school reserves the right to charge for the provision of additional educational services. In the event NAPS exercises its right to charge for the additional services, which NAPS deems to be necessary for the student’s proper education, the fees will be provided to the parent in writing.

VI. When a learning or behavior concern arises, NAPS staff will communicate the educational recommendation with the parents. Communication to the parents in response to learning/social/emotional/behavioral needs will take place in formal meetings with staff and parents in attendance. Failure to follow these suggestions or participate could lead to the school being unable to successfully educate the child.

VII. Screening for learning difficulties: In-house or outside screenings/assessments may be requested by the NAPS staff. The screening tests available to schools are indicative only; they are not infallible. Parents will be notified if a screening test indicates that their child may have learning difficulty.
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