Gr 12 Curriculum Coverage
It is expected from all high school principals to indicate the curriculum coverage in all subjects offered by the school every week. This online report is due every Friday by 13:00.
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Curriculum Coverage
Indicate the level of coverage per subject (Gr 12) taught at the school. This response should be based on information provided by the subject heads.
According to teaching plan
±1 week behind
±2 weeks behind
±3 weeks behind
±4 weeks behind
Afrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal
Afrikaans Huistaal
Afrikaans Tweede Addisionele Taal
Agricultural Management Practices
Agricultural Sciences
Agricultural Technology
Business Studies
Civil Technology
Computer Applications Technology (CAT)
Consumer Studies
Dance Studies
Dramatic Arts
Electrical Technology
Engineering Graphics and Design
English First Additional Language
English Home Language
Hospitality Studies
Information Technology (IT)
isiXhosa First Additional Language
isiXhosa Home Language
Life Orientation
Life Sciences
Mathematical Literacy
Mechanical Technology
Physical Sciences
Religion Studies
seSotho First Additional Language
seSotho Home Language
Visual Arts
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