Pre-Registration Form for Little Kids Class
This registration for the kids who is 4 years old to 5/6 years old.
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Please list if you /your child have any health problem, physical, behavior conditions or something that consider for our activities. If not, please put None.
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Does your child have experience about TAIKO ?
If yes, where and how do/did you have ?
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What, if any, musical or art background does your child have ?
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Teams and Conditions
Please read everything below carefully. With pushing "Submit" button, it shows you already read everything and understanding and follow the whole conditions for participating this program. Also,you will be required to sign a waiver for entering the program.

CANCELLATION: The case of cancellation of this program due to low attendance and other reason, we will inform to you before 3 days via E-mail. We never accept any complain and never compensate for your damage / loss with the cancellation. The case of cancellation the program due to any reason, you will join another session if the space available.

REFUND: Any Cancellations must be received in writing / Via E-mail
* Registration fee is NON- REFUNDABLE
Full Refund: 30 days prior to first day of the program
50% refund: More than 20 days until the first day of the program
NO REFUND: 19 days prior to the first day of the program

* Space has limited.Your space will be reserved when we have received both of Registration form and Payment at the office of The School of TAIKO / Japan Creative Arts, LLC.

* If you have any concern about the health reason / behavior please consult us before registration.
The payment for this program will be able to make with Credit card or Check.

By Credit Card: Use the Paypal Button in web-site
By Check: Make a Payable to / Japan Creative Arts
Send it to / Japan Creative Arts, LLC. PO BOX 3311 Bellevue WA, 98009
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