Apply for Property Investing PRIVATE COACHING with CARL DY
Hi Friends,
I regularly get private messages asking me property questions,

Unfortunately, I am unable to answer all through private messaging.

"Guru, is it ok to invest here ?"
"Sir Carl, I have problem with my tenant, should I sell"
"Sir, what's a good property to buy, is it good in xxxx ? "

Your property strategy is personal and dependent on
Your financial status, life stage, financial responsibilities, mental preparedness, risk management strategies and many many more.

To get the best advice, it is best we sit down and discuss face to face.
thus, I have opened up private coaching session. I can accommodate only 1 per week and 4x a month

To apply for private coaching, pls fill up below details and my team will get back to you.
You can message Raine +639173185206 for follow up after submitting the form

Cheers ! and God Bless your property investing
- Carl Dy


What can you learn from a guy who worked 15 years with the Ayala Group ?

A lot !

From process efficiency, business innovation, marketing and social media exposure, creating your company story, increasing sales and managing human resources effectively.

Don't be shy ! Reach out to Carl Dy through the forms below

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“My biggest take away is the mindset when buying property. Understanding the reason or purpose of buying and the market you're going into for rental. Investing in property is sometime boring but nothing is wrong with that.”
- Merphix Astudillo

“Thank you very much for the very informative session earlier. What stuck with me is that property investing is long term. 10, 20 yrs is not long in property so you have to be patient. Delayed gratification if you really want to make it big in property, roll your profits. And at times that you don’t know where to get the money for a new venture, pray. God always listen.”
- Mary Joy Deniega

Private Coaching testimony: “Hi Carl, thank you for the very productive coaching. It validated a lot of my strategies and I appreciate you sharing next growth areas where there are opportunities. God bless you more bro! - Mr L.

Testimony “Initially we are worried that Carl Dy may be a bit intimidating, but we are happy that our coaching session has been so casual.
I have always believed that we should always level up our game be it in life, family or investments. Seeking people who has more experience and network would help us see a broader perspective of things.
The private coaching of Carl Dy exceeded our expectations and the conversation was very encouraging. Which helped us to become comfortable to ask questions spontaneously. - Mr J.

Hi Sir Carl, it was nice meeting you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in investing Real Estate Proeperties. We really appreciate all your advices to us. It widen our knowledge most especially in having passive incomes and helping us decide on what opportunities to prioritize.
We are greatful of meeting people like you who share and teach people about Real Estate Properties.
We hope to see you again soon. Bitin ang 1 ½ hour. God bless always and more power! – Mr. J

“The session is very straightforward and no sugarcoating. Carl Dy shares the real estate investing process. Do not expect to get the returns immediately. Think long term for you to see the fruits of your investment.” – Ms. K.

“You’ve taught us to be active in marketing our properties by making sure it gets to our target market. Thank you for the many advice you gave and for trying to push un in opening our space to the public. We’ve been putting it on hold for a long time, trying to make it more accommodating for our would-be cutomers. So it is a relief to know that you, a person respected in the real estate industry, liked the place we’ve work hard in fixing.” The biggest takeaway we got from you even though this has been said many times before is “nothing is perfect.”
You gave us the boost of confidence we badly needed to put our work out for others to appreciate.”
- Sps. C. and W.

"Equipping myself to inspire & help my current/future clients, that there is Wealth using the Property they have acquire today. Recommended Workshop"- Lorela Janolo

"A very educational 3 hour session talk, about PROPERTY INVESTING with Carl Dy and his team, Spectrum Investments."
- Angelica Amor

Quotable quotes from the brilliant mind of Sir Carl Dy - Spectrum Investments:
"Life is a collaboration"
"I just know where we make money. All the details...the team takes care of it."
"If you're in the property business, you need to have a team in place."
To my friends who are interested in real estate, consider attending Sir Carl's seminars. It's short, sweet and actionable.
- Maezel Joyce Dimaculangan

"Thanks for such a full-packed learning session!"
- Cristine Bello

“My takeaway from the coffee session with the property guru, Carl Dy, is that people nowadays are always in a rush. They always want an instant ROI when they go venture in any investment vehicle. They always miss the point that in investing, long term mindset is the key to success. My other takeaway is that having a day job is good, but having a day job and other cash flow is better. During the process of acquiring cash flows, due diligence is a must. Being diligent in saving, spending, and investing will reap the benefits in 10 to 15 years in the future. My mindset regarding real estate has changed drastically. I hope there is another session or seminar in the future with Mr. Carl Dy”
- Ishmael Perez

“As a beginner for real estate investing, I have learned alot from sir Carl the right way to start and set expectations for the long term. He also provided ways on how we can sustain our investment by advertising, exposures and using income for more investment. Also he provided different examples on what to do during setbacks which I think is really helpful. Overall I like the session since we got to talk to him personally as a mentor. Wish that the session would be longer, but would definitely go to another session with Carl as there is alot to learn from him.
Thank you to your team for organizing this event!”
- Von Magtoto

“Hi Carl, thank you for the very productive lunch meeting. I really appreciate sharing your time and advice to me. It’s nice to know that somebody is willing to share his talent and valuable inputs when it comes to real property.
I now have a clear view and solid basis in making and arriving at my decisions in acquiring real properties.
Worthy to note is your 50-50 Model, it’s worth copying ha ha ha. Kalog ka pala sa personal! No boring moments. Thank you and more power! God bless you more bro!

I have always believed in investing in real estate and in generating passive income. I’ve read many books and articles out there but can’t seem to decide on a clear direction because of sooo many seemingly lucrative options out there (foreclosures, preselling condos / H&L, etc).

For the longest time, I wished I could find a mentor who can guide me how and where to invest wisely. I was in the process of seriously acquiring another property when I watched a video of very inspiring real estate speaker.

What we liked about the private coaching session were the ff:
1. Carl was not intimidating. At all. This was actually our initial worry. Since he’s such a big name in the industry and he might be used to meeting up big and rich clients, he might find us too “small-time” to be worth his time. Or maybe because he’s dealing with the big guys, the tips/lessons that he’ll teach us will be too expensive for us to execute.

However, we found Carl to be very down-to-earth. He was easy to talk to so we had an easy time really sharing with him all our concerns, no matter how mundane they seem to be. We were able to ask “stupid questions”. We believe this is very important because we want to have an open, transparent and a good brainstorming session with our coach.

2.) He was able to give simple and actionable insights. One of my biggest concerns was this idle condo that I have. I was actually thinking of disposing it even at a loss asap because I thought I invested in a bad location. But he advised me to keep “the goose that can lay golden eggs” because it didn’t seem to be a bad investment. He didn’t stop at that, he taught me practical ways how to identify the market, furnish it, and market it. Now I know my next steps and feel motivated about that property.

3.) He is unbiased and practical. Going back to the property that we almost purchased, I was actually kind of expecting him to advise us to go with it because he himself invested in the same property. But since I was going in too late already in the game, the price increased significantly and told us it was not the ideal time to purchase anymore. Was pleasantly surprised by this reco but appreciated it as well. It was at this point that I know he has the best intention at heart for his clients.

4.) He was able to help us prioritize. Through this session, we were able to eliminate a lot of risky/long-ROI options from our list. Given our limited budget, we need to choose which ones are fit our energy, resources and age. Now we have an idea where to focus. If only for this, the session was worth it already!!
We are beginners in this journey so we still has a long way to go and lots of things to learn. But with a mentor, at least we’re guided and most of all, we have someone whom we can do follow through sessions with for more learning! – Ms. J.

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