Marketing Capability Index
Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your participation in this questionnaire. The Global Chinese Marketing Federation (GCMF) provides the "Marketing Capability Index Assessment System," which developed by the Global Branding and Marketing Research Center at the National Taiwan University and the Taiwan Institute of Marketing Science (TIMS), to examine the marketing capability of your company. The purpose of this system is to understand your company's present marketing strategy and related activities. Hence, our statistical analysis will provide a complete evaluation report to your company with the suggestions of how to improve your marketing capabilities. This questionnaire takes about 15 minutes to finish. Thank you for your patience.

In order for your results to be accurate, please complete this independently. In the process of filling it out, please do not ask other people for help or use any search engine. There are no right or wrong answers. Please answer accordingly to your company's actual situation. If the question is unclear, please pick the option with the most appropriate statement. The information obtained from this questionnaire is strictly confidential and used only by the GCMF. Thank you for your assistance!

Yours truly,
Global Chinese Marketing Federation (GCMF)

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