GenerOZity 8 at PAX Online: 2020
GenerOZity #8 is partnering with PAX to run during PAX Online which is in September 2020! We're opening up submissions to people interested in running a game or doing other types of performance.

Those dates are: September 12th through to the 20th (US time).

We are raising money for Cure Cancer, an amazing charity that needs help this year (More than ever)

Due to Covid-19 we're doing things differently this year... with all segments being done remotely / from your own home (We have a BUNCH of crazy tools to use, from our own custom-built donation bar + assets to share as well as a virtual studio solution)

Anyone who helps out this year will be able to draw from our pool of prizes, giving some of them away during their stream.

We'll NEVER give out any details to anybody without your express permission.

Please join our backstage discord -
Screen name / Alias *
What's the best way to contact you? *
What's the show structure?
Right now, depending on how many people sign up, it might be the first 4 days of PAX Online, or the last 4 days, or all the days!

So if you want to do a longer segment (4+ hours) let us know you're interested as there's a good chance we'll say yes.
Time Slots (GMT+10 Sydney Time)
What are your preferred/best time slots you would like?
You can pick a long segment, a short segment, give us a general time of the day instead of a specific day, whatever you'd like!
Segment idea / Special requests? *
What game do you want to play? Do you have any ideas for donation incentives? Is anything we can assist with to make your segment special?
Is there anything from last GenerOZity you'd like to see again this time?
We want to make each show better than the last so don't want to leave behind anything quality!
Is there anything from the last GenerOZity you DON'T want to see again?
We want to make each show better; let us know if anything sucked!
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