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What is “healthy food ”?
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What is unhealthy food?
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How often do you eat and drink unhealthy food?
Several times a week
Fast food
Cakes and cookies
Soft drinks
Which is your unhealthiest eating habit?
How would you like to change your eating habits? Several answers are possible!
What do you find most difficult to “ban” from your daily consumption? Why?
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Do you think it is good to start the day without having breakfast?
How often do you eat freshly cooked meals?
Is it important for you to eat some fruit and vegetables? If yes, how often do you eat them?(daily/ weekly/ monthly)
What about drinking? What do you drink regularly?
Do you think it is important to have enough time for eating during the day?
Do you wish to have more or less time for a eating?
My eating habits are largely influenced by other people, especially by ................
At your school, do you have a “healthy-food-expert”, who could help you, if you had weight problems “ etc?
At your school, are healthy eating habits and healthy food an important topic?
Is it good to have ready-to-eat meals? ( Explain your answer reason in other option)
How many big meals ( breakfast, lunch, dinner) do you eat during the day?
How much time should you allow between your last meal and bedtime?
How many pieces of fruit should you eat per day?
How many times a week should you eat vegetables?
How many liters of water should you drink every day?
How do you get to school?
How many hours do you sit in front of the computer/mobile phone or watch TV?
How many times do you have meat and fish a week? (if you don't eat meat and fish, please choice the other option and write your reason)
How many hours of nightly sleep are good for you?
What do you think is healthier?
Which sport activity is best for losing weight? More than one answer is possible!
Do you buy organic products?
Is it possible and easy, to get these organic products in your country? If your answer is yes please choice the other option and write, where can you get them?
Do you think eating organic products can help to fight obesity?
Do you think having a healthy lifestyle is popular?
Do you live a healthy lifestyle?
If not, would you like to be a “model” for your friends for “health and fitness” ?
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What kind of activities burn fat? Several answers are possible.
What do you think, how much time should a sport activity last so that you will burn fat?
What do you think is more important to burn fat?
What do you think, how often should you do a regular sport activity per week to be “fit”?
What do you think, what are the main reasons for obesity? Several answers are possible:
What do you think, what is the best way to fight obesity?
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