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Permit Practice Test
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1. The color clearance of the lamps on the front of a vehicle must be: (14-8) *
2. When backing a large truck you should: (14-13) *
3. Every trailer must have how many reflectors on the rear? (14-8) *
4. When turning right with a long vehicle or combination truck-trailer, if it is impossible to stay in the proper lane, you should: (14-13) *
5. Turn signal indicators are required on all motor vehicles manufactured after the model year (14-10) *
6. No combination of vehicles other than a truck tractor-trailer combination may exceed (14-11) *
7. The load on a truck may not extend over the rear of the vehicle more than (14-1) *
8. All school buses, buses, taxi's and other vehicles hauling passengers for hire or lease must carry a chemical type fire extinguisher of at least (14-1) *
9. The greatest height ordinarily allowed by the state law for a vehicle including its load is (14-11) *
10. When one truck is following another truck or vehicle, it may keep far enough back to allow how many vehicles to enter safe between them? (14-11) *
11. The greatest weight allowed by state law for any vehicle including its load is (14-11) *
12. A slow moving vehicle emblem must be displayed only by (14-11) *
13. Which of the following vehicles are not required to have mud flaps (14-10) *
14. The height from ground to mounted reflectors must be at least? (14-1) *
15. The greatest width ordinarily allowed by state law for a truck including its load is (14-11) *
16. Registration papers are required to be in possession of the driver on the vehicle when operating (14-1) *
17. No passenger vehicle may be coupled with more than (14-11) *
18. When mud flaps are required on trucks or trailers, they must reach how close to the surface of the highway (14-10) *
19. Every bus or truck manufactured after model year 1959 must be equipped on the rear with (14-10) *
20. Which of the following vehicles must have mud flaps when operated on public roads? (14-1) *
21. When a truck breaks down on a highway in the daytime the driver should set out (14-1) *
22.Which of the following vehicles are required by state law to stop at railroad grade crossings outside city limits where no traffic control device is in operation? (14-12) *
23. The length requirements of state law for vehicles including extensions over front and rear, do not apply (14-12) *
24. When one vehicle is towing another, the distance between the two must not be greater than (14-12) *
25. The greatest length allowed by state law for a single motor vehicle other than a truck tractor is (14-11) *
26. Every farm tractor manufactured after January 1, 1972 complies with state lighting laws by (14-10) *
27. To find out the details about registering your particular vehicle you should consult (14-11) *
28. One purpose of requiring registration papers on trucks at all times is to show (14-1) *
29. Clearance lights are required by state law for trucks or buses if hte width is (14-1) *
30. When a load extends more than four feet over the rear of a vehicle, what color flag must be attached to the extreme end of the extension of driving in the daytime? (14-12) *
31. Which of the following vehicles is required by state law to carry a chemical type fire extinguisher (14-1) *
32. It is unlawful to operate any motor vehicle on a highway with (14-11) *
33. To operate on the highway a motor vehicle or trailer having metal tires and weighing 5,000 pounds or more you must (14-12) *
34. Clearance lamps mounted on the rear or on the side near the rear of a vehicle must be what color (14-8) *
35. When towing another vehicle with a chain or cable, what color flag must be attached to the chain or cable? (14-12) *
36. When going downhill with a commercial vehicle, it is unlawful to (14-13) *
37. The first thing the driver of a disabled truck or bus should do is (14-1) *
38. To haul a load or move equipment that is wider, heavier or longer than the law permits, you must (14-1) *
39. Before going down a steep grade with a commercial vehicle you should (14-13) *
40. To prevent damage to the highway, it is unlawful to operate any motor vehicle with (14-11) *
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