Reeds & Roots Work Trade Volunteer Form
We do this together!

Reeds & Roots Skillshare is a true labor of love: an all-volunteer, community-run event. We can't put this on without you. A lot of effort goes into making sure this gathering is affordable and fun for everyone. If you are able to pay full-price for your ticket, please do - we need financial support. However, if you are unable to pay and willing to volunteer some of your time before, during or after the Skillshare in order to make it happen, please do! No matter your skill level or ability, you can pitch in to help make this a wonderful event for all of us.

Work traders receive Full Event Admission for a mere $30, plus we need your help. We expect 3-4 hours of your help each day of the event. Partial attendance is possible (1 day or 2 days), but not preferred - we encourage you to spend the whole weekend with collaborative spirit! Exact schedules and shifts can be worked out before and during the event. Volunteers are expected to work together to make sure all shifts are covered while trying to get everyone to the workshops they want. It's not a perfect system - sometimes you miss a workshop you wanted - but we all do our best to be fair.

The best work traders are open to doing whatever needs to be done in the moment, show up on time when needed, check in often, and kindly do what they say they will. Basically if you are willing to work and show up, we're happy to have you! Your work schedule may be early morning or late evening, scheduled as daily shifts, or all at once, depending on the job. Most folks will be asked to report to an early a.m. meeting wherein tasks will be arranged for the day. Areas of need include: pre-gathering set up, post-gathering clean up, parking, meal prep and service, sanitation, and more.

One Work Trade option is to make a craft before the gathering for our Instructor Thank-You Gifts. This would involve making 30-60 of the same type of product or craft. Pricing and amount of discount is worked out with organizers ahead of time. This is not a guaranteed position - we have a limited budget.
Reeds & Roots Skillshare set-up begins Thursday, Aug 15, and registration opens that evening. If you are on the set-up crew, you will be fed dinner Thursday at 6pm. Set-up goes until it's done (hopefully by 8pm!). There is fun and entertainment night. Break-down begins 1pm on Sunday - we need volunteers to stay as late as dark to get the grounds completely cleaned. Check website for all schedule details as they are created.

You will need to purchase your pass AFTER you have been approved by the work-trade coordinators. Email communication is preferable, so if you don't check your email often or don't respond, note that below.

If you have any questions, please include them in the comments below or feel free to contact Once we review your application, we will contact you. Thanks for stepping up and joining the team!

Lastly, our goal is to make this event accessible to anyone who would like to participate. If you have concerns with the $30.00 copay, please fill out the scholarship application for work trade here:
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