The 1st BeNative XP Ranking Reward SNS Community Posting Event
“Learn English, Collect XP, Earn Bitcoin!"

The 1st XP Ranking Total Reward 0.05 BTC Event until November 14th!
Get BNV rewards for participating in SNS posting events!
The more views or likes on posting, the more BNV will be rewarded.
Event Period: November 08th - November 14th
November 08th - November 14th
Event Reward (Total Reward Amount : 5,000,000 BNV)
1. Total Reward Amount: 5,000,000 BNV (Early closing when total reward amount is reached)

2. Reward calculation: 50 BNV per 1 Like on SNS postings (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

2. Maximum reward per 1 person is 100,000 BNV
Event Participation Rule
1. Event Description : Post about The 1st BeNative XP Ranking Reward event on your SNS.

2. Posting SNS: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (Choose one or more)

3. The SNS post must include The 1st BeNative XP Ranking Reward Event promotional poster below as an image and include the following keywords:

*Keywords : "BeNative", "BNV", "Learn English, Collect XP, Earn Bitcoin", "Check out current XP Ranking :"

e.g) Let's learn English through BeNative! You can collect XP after learning and get Bitcoin reward! Check out current XP Ranking:

Register and submit the URL you posted on Google Forms.

-In case someone else registers your SNS URL, we recommend that you to submit the URL through Google Form immediately after posting on your SNS (only the first submission URL will be rewarded when duplicate URL is found submitted).

-You can post the same post on other SNS channels.

-You can post up to one post a day on the same channel.
BeNative XP Ranking Promotional Poster
XP Ranking Reward Event Info
● XP Ranking Reward Notice:
● Current XP Ranking:
● BeNative App Download:
● Get Premium membership for more Learning & XP:
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