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The upcoming 12th edition of the Arab Weekend at Harvard, will take place on April 5th and 7th under the theme of (Re)Imagining Home. This is the largest pan-Arab conference outside of the region, typically attracting more than 1,300+ Arab students and professionals from all over North America.

A pillar event of the conference is the Startup Pitch Competition, during which 6 pre-selected startups pitch, receive feedback, and network with our 1,000+ attendees and our panel of judges. Our judges include high-profile figures in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, venture capitalists, angel investors, prominent entrepreneurs, and industry experts. We typically receive 100+ startup applicants with the top 3 winners receiving cash prizes – last year’s prizes totaled $25,000.

Last year’s jury at the Startup Pitch Competition were: Fadi Ghandour (Chairman & CEO, Wamda Capital), Khalid Al Rumaihi (Chief Executive, Bahrain EDB), Nichola Eliovits (Managing Partner, Olive Tree Capital), Christopher Schroeder (entrepreneur & startup author focused on MENA).

Deadline is March 10th, 2018 at 6pm EST.

Please submit your nomination below

Eligibility Criteria:
- Each team should have at least two members
- The team should have a working product/service, traction and sales
- The startup should be generating between 30,000 USD and 750,000 USD per year in revenues (annualized)
- The startup should not have raised funding above 1,500,000 USD
- The startup should be legally registered in an Arab country or registered abroad and operating in an Arab country

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